Helping small-scale harvesters & seafood businesses affected by COVID-19.

The pandemic isn’t just robbing people of their peace of mind and freedom; it’s also threatening livelihoods. While online marketplaces experience an astronomical surge in demand, shuttered restaurants and dried-up wholesale markets have left plenty of fresh, healthy seafood with nowhere to go.

Without proper infrastructure in place, ramping up extensive direct-to-consumer efforts is difficult in non-critical times. The Fisher Direct initiative — a collaborative response to that challenge — has a clear mission:

Deliver simple, easy to activate solutions to better connect fishermen with end consumers who want to support their local seafood economy and community. To that end, the Fisher Direct App — a mobile storefront and direct sales tool — is available to you and totally free.

Fisher Direct is geared towards helping you react to changing consumer needs with less stress and no upfront costs. If you're trying to implement a direct marketing strategy on the fly, or start a CSF for the first time, it makes for a good springboard into more robust implementations.

Update - August 2020: Fisher Direct v.1 was a stopgap. Feedback will be critical in shaping the grown-up version as we continue to tackle the community’s needs.

A robust consumer-facing solution is underway to make it easier to buy directly from and support the thousands of men and women who harvest, process, sell, distribute and market seafood; each contributing to putting incredible food on our tables.

Follow our progress. Get updates, news, and early access announcements.

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fisher direct app

Think of it this way. Fisher Direct is two things:

➤ A lightweight mobile storefront.
➤ A way to streamline direct marketing operations.

You manage orders, pickups, home deliveries, and customer communication in one place, not all over the place.

Fisher Direct works out of the box. Its basic functionalities will help you:

• Set up a profile with key business info.
• Showcase your product and story.
• Update catch availability in near real-time.
• Receive detailed customer orders.
• List curbside pickup locations with maps and directions.
• Enable scheduling of home deliveries.
• Field shipping requests.
• Streamline customer inquiries.
• Communicate in-app with customers.

100% Free / Easy setup & prep / Quick launch / Works on all devices.

Level it up with advanced features, customize to your needs, or make it simpler.

And what of customers?

The Fisher Direct app in its current incarnation offers powerful sharing features which, if leveraged effectively, can help broaden your network and increase demand.

Fisher Consumer
Consumer Consumer
Fisher Distributor
Distributor Customer

Our goal is to gauge interest in a mobile-first direct marketing solution as we focus on a more holistic platform for fishers and amplifying consumer demand. Read more about our initiatives here.

How it works

Once you’ve set up your Fisher Direct app, you’ll be able to share it with customers through its web address, QR code, and several other ways. With the app on their phone, they have one place to go for up-to-date information on your business and catch for sale. Highlight your story, values, and the safety protocols you’ve enacted.

They get a full view of catch available now or at next weekend’s market. Operating a CSF? List share options, season start dates, and drop-off locations with an interactive map view.

Close the information gap. Offering curbside pickups, no-contact home delivery, or nationwide shipping? At a glance answers to common questions will free up your inbox. A custom order form simplifies decision-making and streamlines processing.

We’ve added a media library to showcase your recipes and videos to both educate and nudge.

The app, with a pleasing profile, information unique to your context, and reduced friction in the purchase process, gives customers a reason to come back and interact with you.

Please check the FAQ section for additional information.

Have questions or want to set up a Fisher Direct app? Reach out, we'll get you up and running in no time.

On-boarding assistance / full profile build out for the first 50 launches.

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our initiatives

The Fisher Direct App v.1 is a stopgap. Your feedback will be critical in shaping the grown-up version as we continue to tackle the community’s needs. A feedback mechanism is forthcoming.

A robust consumer-facing solution is underway to make it easier to buy directly from and support the thousands of men and women who harvest, process, sell, distribute and market seafood; each contributing to putting incredible food on our tables.

In the coming weeks, we'll be featuring fishers and businesses that launch a Fisher Direct app in an interactive directory (in progress). Your app's QR code will be front-and-center. A consumer who zeros-in on your business can scan it and connect with you straight away.

Please consider taking a few minutes to help us understand how best to support you. Your input is completely anonymous and no data will be shared.

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If you're interested in setting up a Fisher Direct app, have questions, or want to join forces, please reach out.

This project is powered solely by coffee and copious amounts of sugar — we'll do our best to get back to you quickly!

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Thank you

We'll get back to you shortly!


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Support our fishermen

Fisher Direct is creating a nationwide directory of small-scale seafood harvesters who urgently need our support.

As the COVID-19 crisis worsens, the situation for many of them is dire as restaurants remain shuttered and distributors struggle to secure alternative markets.

The silver lining is that we — consumers — can influence the outcome. Fishermen all around the country are making their catch available for us to purchase directly. Fresh, responsibly-caught, delicious, and nutrient-packed seafood.

Buying directly from our fishermen will give a much-needed boost to fishing-dependent economies. In many cases, it gives them vital cash to stay afloat — to do things like pay rent or boat mortages — while shelter in place orders are active. Many offer low- or no-contact purchase options.

The directory is in early stages so bear with us while we bring it up to snuff. Click on any card for an expanded view. Use the magnifying glass icon (upper left corner) to search by name, city, state, or catch. Filter by pickup, delivery, or shipping.

📢 Let's get your favorite fisherman or community-supported fishery featured so more people can find and support them.

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Q: I'm a fisher / seafood business, how does this app work?

Fisher Direct is an app with a spreadsheet template as its engine. Everything you see in the app is editable and customizable. Updates can be made in the spreadsheet or the app when you’re on the go. Out of Sockeye Salmon? Mark it “Sold Out” and your customer's app will reflect the change in availability within seconds.

Customer orders and inquiries are funneled straight into that same spreadsheet, keeping everything centralized. We may soon build a dashboard to help you track this more easily.

With some automation, the app can generate sales orders, send invoices, emails, SMS notifications, and even connect with Squarespace, Shopify, and/or Stripe.

Q: How can I preview the app?

Our Fisher Direct app has a unique web address, and so will yours.

1. Go to Fisher Direct's app page
2. Scan the QR code on the app's page with your phone's camera.
3. A dialog window will appear on your phone where you’ll have the option of adding the link to your home screen.
4. Once done, look for the Fisher Direct app icon on your home screen. Launch it, and you’re in.

You’re now previewing a customer’s version of a Fisher Direct app.

Q: How would I share it with my customers?

A few ways. The first, by sharing its web address where they too can scan the QR code. Also:

• From your app’s page, you can share to Facebook and Twitter.
• From within the app, you can share to any channel.
• Finally, you can embed the QR code on your website or print to distribute it with deliveries.

Q: Do I need any special technology to use this app?

Just your phone, a computer, and a Gmail account. The app is built using a 3rd Party platform on a free tier. You will incur zero costs for using the app without major modifications.

Q: Does this service cost anything?

No! Fisher Direct is not quite a service, yet. You can read about our initiatives here.

Q: I already use a direct-to-consumer online sales platform. Can I still use this app?

Yes! The app can fit into many workflows and play nice with other platforms, with some limitations.

Q: How does Fisher Direct make money?

The app is free and we don't take any transaction fee or any other surprise fee.

We're seafood lovers and supporters of small-scale fisherfolk; their families and communities. Cognizant and appreciative of all they do to make local, fresh, and healthy seafood accessible to us — consumers. We know it's a never-ending battle under the best of circumstances. The politics, the skewed economics, market forces seemingly never in their favor, and perils at sea. We're compelled to do our part.

Q: How do I start using it?

Reach out through the contact form or email us at fisherdirectproject [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll get you set up in no time.

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